Monday, March 29, 2010

Mini songpack 1 is out!

Mini songpack 1 is out! These include 3 custom songs which I have personally mapped myself:

Bad Romance (Lady GaGa)

Amadeus (O2Jam)
V3 (O2Jam)

On the side note, Aaron Ross has improved some images used for this Taiko skin. Thank you very much! Taikojiro v.1.1 will be out soon, so stayed tuned!

Download songpack 1


  1. Since my comment on the first post seems to go unnoticed, I'll ask here (I don't mean to annoy anyone):
    Does anyone have a working skin for the newest taiko jiro version? (Like yours, basically)
    Or will your next release be the newest version?

  2. The newer Taikojiro versions have nothing major in them :P

    If they do, I'll update this current player to the new version, but for now; there's nothing major and it's basically the same

  3. It has a song preview function ("DEMOSTART: x.xx" in .tja), which is rather useful in my opinion.
    And you can have "ingame" directories, like anime, namco originals, etc.. :D

    And probably lots of fixes, which shouldn't be too major, though.