Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More new songs!

As requested by several players, here are some new songs - mainly with the Game category updates!

Let's Go!! Rider Kick



KARMA(Tatsujin Mix)

No Way Back (Normal Oni + Ura)


-Namco Original-
Terumin Kyousoukyoku 42 Gakushou [Hisou]

That makes it 210 authentic Oni songs distributed so far. Did you manage to get them all? :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Taikojiro 4.0 player is now up for download~

As requested by Rolan. Here's a download link for the Taikojiro 4.0 player WITHOUT the songs.

Copy and paste your "simfile" folder into this Taikojiro folder from your old (Taikojiro 3.0 and below) folder to enjoy this new interface!

Download it here!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New songs update!

Have songs that you like, but you don't want to download other songs with it? Fret no more, songs will be uploaded seperately (excluding the 194 songs provided in the batch upload) from now on! Unzip these files and put them into your simfiles folder.

For today's update, I recorded some songs from Taiko Wii 3 using my recorder (since I'm tired of waiting for the mp3s from other uploaders... ^^;;)

GO-GO Tamagotchi

Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun

Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze (Normal Oni + Ura) - update to old map!

Black Rock Shooter


-Namco Original-
Dejare de Oshare (Normal Oni + Ura)

Go-Go Kitchen

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Taikojiro 4.0 - Batch upload with 194 authentic Oni songs!

Hello everybody! A new year has come - which most likely means a new update! XD Taikojiro 4.0 comes with a huge improvement on interface! It has a more arcade feel to it now!

First things first, before you download Taikojiro 4.0 please download the rtf file in the link below for the Taiko font (courteously provided by Mr. Jumario Simmons)

After that, cut and paste that rtf file into your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder in your "My Computer" After you done that, the Taiko font is automatically in your system - you can type in that font you want.

Taikojiro 4.0 improvements over 3.0

1) Soul explosion beats

2) Improved balloon roll numbers

3) Taiko font

4) Moving background behind Don-chan

5) Branch balloon now visible for Master, Advanced, Normal branched songs (eg: Gekkabijin, Hyakkaryouran, Kurofune Raikou, Saitama2000, etc)

6) Clearer Don-chan in the outfit he wears in the arcade release

7) Improved soul fire when you pass 95% or more

8) Dokon-sama and the rest of the gang dances~

9) Dramatically improved result board!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Taikojiro 4.0 and enjoy the songs! :)