Saturday, January 8, 2011

Taikojiro 4.0 - Batch upload with 194 authentic Oni songs!

Hello everybody! A new year has come - which most likely means a new update! XD Taikojiro 4.0 comes with a huge improvement on interface! It has a more arcade feel to it now!

First things first, before you download Taikojiro 4.0 please download the rtf file in the link below for the Taiko font (courteously provided by Mr. Jumario Simmons)

After that, cut and paste that rtf file into your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder in your "My Computer" After you done that, the Taiko font is automatically in your system - you can type in that font you want.

Taikojiro 4.0 improvements over 3.0

1) Soul explosion beats

2) Improved balloon roll numbers

3) Taiko font

4) Moving background behind Don-chan

5) Branch balloon now visible for Master, Advanced, Normal branched songs (eg: Gekkabijin, Hyakkaryouran, Kurofune Raikou, Saitama2000, etc)

6) Clearer Don-chan in the outfit he wears in the arcade release

7) Improved soul fire when you pass 95% or more

8) Dokon-sama and the rest of the gang dances~

9) Dramatically improved result board!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Taikojiro 4.0 and enjoy the songs! :)


  1. YAY! This is brilliant news!

    Glad I could help out!

  2. this is awesome!!! Thank you very much for the update! =D

  3. YAY im a fan now... now i recomend you guys!!...
    I really want to help make. tja to increase Songs
    if you are interested...
    osu ID: Kurisuchianu << PM me :3

  4. Love the upgrade to TaikoJiro. <3

    Uhm, regarding the download link to the Taiko font, I think it could be troublesome for a few people to download the font since the website is in Japanese and the translator services do a poor job translating it.

    I did re-upload the font file on an English file-hosting site for people to get an easier access to the download, and if you don't mind, I would like to see if you can share the download link on this post:

    If you have any questions, PM me. My osu! ID is "Roley" (obviously without the quotation marks.)

  5. Uhm, I tried to download the TaikoJiro .rar file from FileDropper but after waiting for the download to finish for 2 hours, I still have no luck. FileDropper is saying the archive's size is 0kb, so I'm starting to think that the download is corrupt.

    I hope you wouldn't mind to re-upload the file to some other kind of file hosting service; FileDropper never worked for me and to this day it still doesn't.

  6. Do you have the songs? I'll just upload the player

  7. If by songs you mean the files in the simfiles folder, then yes, I have the songs. I just pretty much need the actual program and player (everything else but the simfiles folder).

  8. Kay am i doing something wrong im new to this game hear my friend showed me a video of it so i looked and found this site. I already download the font thing and then i clicked on the download 4.0 version thing and it only took like 3-5 sec but its a rar file and it wont let me play it is thier something else i must do to be able to play? ( NOte i only downloaded those two things the font and the other link of 4.0 from filedropper, so is thier more?)