Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little special gift approaching 75k views...

Hi all,

Seems a bit more lively around here since the release of Taikojiro2! Let's liven it further to Taikojiro2 0.5! As you can see, our cute little Don-chan has grown up a little! ^^

In other words, this release includes a Taiko HD version of Don-chan. I even added another Don-chan for Miku fans to use~

All you have to do is just go to the "skin" folder I created and paste playerchar_p1 and playercharballoon_p1 to your main img folder to enjoy. Do the same if you want to change to the HD Don or AC14 Don.

Here is the download link for Taikojiro2 0.5
Taikojiro2 0.5

With the release of Taikojiro2 0.5, here are some new songs from both new and old Taiko for you to enjoy! Remember, unzip the folders and paste them into whichever genre you think fits best!



Osakana Tengoku


-Namco Original-
Sweet Sweet Magic

Hope you enjoy the new songs as well as the new player!


  1. I downloaded the Taiko Jiro 2.05 but I can't play it, it said it failed to start because d... something something is not found. Please help.

  2. Hi, I have some bugs, where can I report it?
    1. Scoring screen and 2-player screen is messy (will provide a screenshot if asked)
    2. Combo sounds (50 and 100-increments) and main menu sounds (don-kat?) are missing.
    3. Pressing Esc during gameplay will surely crash Taikojiro.

    Thanks anyway for the new version!

  3. Aww, it's so sad to see that this blog died :<

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  5. Hmm...
    Not sure why did you remove my comment,
    I'm not even sure about what did I said before.

  6. ehm, can you add 2 Players mode and use 720p? The unofficial 720p build have some bugs...

  7. Hello!! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make this simulation for us to enjoy!! I tried to download the song bundle pack, but was it was no longer available... what can I do?

  8. i cant play im upload the game u.u i need help