Friday, April 1, 2011

2 new songs for Taikojiro!

I'm sure everyone has (or not) heard about Shimedore2000! For those who haven't, it was unlocked yesterday in the arcades via Taiko 14's final code! Shimedore2000 has 1414 notes and is a medley of 14 2000 series song. It is the first song to break the 999 combo limit and as expected from a 2000 series song, it's difficult. It pits all the most memorable and hardest note distributions in the previous 2000 series song into one big mashup. Doesn't this remind of Taberuna2000a bit? XD Anyway, with the unlocking of Shimedore2000 in the arcade, in a way, it has been "unlocked" here as well! Enjoy! (But please don't mind the messy 1000 over combo indication, I'm trying to fix it X(

Today's new song update;


Kokoro no Chizu

-Namco Original-



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  2. of course in Shimedore2000 they're using ALL the difficult patterns in all 2000 songs as well as playing again with the 14 number :< (ah by the way, they are some things (not to say a lot (°w°) ) you should fix in Taikojiro )
    Anyway, excellent post, it'll make me busy :P

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  4. Shimedore2000 O__O
    This music remembers me of Kurenai because of the number play... I hope taiko creator don't have a dream with the number 78 xD

  5. any notechart for Tank! and Metal Hawk?? I would like to read the notechart and practice properly before i go to the arcade or i'll start being a fool around there O.o