Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taikojiro 4.5 and a very late thank you for over 11k views~

Hello and a very good day to you all! Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates (it's been really quiet lately and I was busy) and secondly, it's a late but I would like to thank you for over 11000 views! Wow, that's a lot of views for a single blog! ^^;; Knowing that makes me very happy! *sheds manly tears*

So, in order to commenmorate this, I shall present a tiny update to Taikojiro; the notes now have moving faces - just like their arcade counterpart! Now you won't see them stagnant and stationary, they actually move now! X3 However, this has resulted in bigger notes, so you will need to adjust your eye placement... a little. And also, Taikojiro is tuned to be less laggy now during gameplay.

Secondly, I also included various dancers for your enjoyment. Currently, the one you download from here is set to Chinese Lion (nice, but long load time). You can change it to any of the dancers I provided (they are tuned individually) by following these simple steps

Step 1: Click on that file to open your choice of dancers.

Step 2: Here are the dancers I provided (there's 3 of them). Click on them to open

Step 3: Copy these two files and paste them in your img folder whenever you want a change in dancers

Copy your old simfiles folder and paste them into this new player to enjoy! Regrettably, there's no combo balloon and voice for 1000 combo and above for Taikojiro... yet. I have not found them ><;;;

Download Taikojiro 4.5 below


  1. That link is version 2.66 oAo

  2. Really awesome graphical update!

    But the Chinese lion moves a bit too fast, lowering our concentration...

    I'd mention that the Taiko notes are clearer than the previous ones, in addition of being arcade-moving like! °\(°w°)::)\