Wednesday, May 18, 2011

12000 views + a small, but really nice update

The picture above says it all, muahahahahahaha!

Since I could not find the combo balloon to fit 1000 combo (or rather, no one did it), so I thought why not do it myself? :P Ahem, to commenmorate 12k views, I present you a small, but really nice update for Taikojiro - a 1000+ combo balloon made by yours truly. Things don't look so messy now, hmm? ^^ The only thing we're missing is the 1000+ combo SFX... which I have yet to find.

Download Taikojiro 5.0 player below (and don't forget to PASTE your old "simfiles" folder from your previous Taikojiro folder into this one)

Enjoy the new player~


  1. Wait, is there a 1000+ sfx sound?

    Anyway, GOGO downloading it :D !

  2. Hey! Is there any other ways to download more songs apart from the bundle? Somehow the bundle ended up stopping halfway (or even lower) complete.

  3. Find some websites, or download the songs separatly /: