Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Taiko arcade random stuff~

Have you visited an arcade that has Taiko no Tatsujin? It feels so much better to play on a big drum! X3

I stay in Malaysia - so the closest arcade with Taiko 14 is in Iluma, Singapore. Previously, I managed to get Jusco (a local Japanese department store) to upgrade their Taiko version to Taiko 12. That was about a year ago. Now we have many more competitive players and would definitely love an upgrade!

Please contact them via and show them that we Malaysians are also passionate about Taiko!

Putting that aside, I think that I should post some random Taiko stuff here as well

That's my Taiko 14 arcade set! (just kidding - I don't have that much money to spend) :P Usually, these stuff are heavy in a full cabinet - but it's something I'd definitely want in my room if I have the money to spend. If you DO have the money to spend, check this site out:

It's advisable to save at least US$10000 to get a new arcade machine shipped to your house... maybe more, just in case. X3

That's all for now, nyaa~


  1. 10k... brb guys, going to sell my house and see if I can get enough for taiko

  2. Pretty sure your house worths a LOT MORE than just a Taiko machine... XD

  3. You know, I think I would rather build my own osu!/TaikoJiro arcade setup... would at least get hold of maps a lot quicker. Not to mention the base PC can be upgraded and repaired by myself as needed. The only trouble is building a suitable Tatacon!!! How I would even go about doing that is beyond me...

  4. Jusco is a Japanese department store? :0 That figures.

  5. Hello! I'm desperately looking for a Taiko Drum 14. Can you help? I'm willing to pay well. write at darkdawgarcade gmail :com