Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taikojiro 3.0 player is now up with custom maps!

I've decided to upload the player together with 4 custom maps made by myself! ^^ There are only 3 songs included in this package - to play your old songs, COPY the "simfile" folder from your OLD Taikojiro and PASTE it in the new Taikojiro folder to enjoy this new interface!

This package includes these custom mapped ONI songs...

Never Give Up! [Digimon Xros Wars] - 8 stars
Only My Railgun [To Aru Kagaku no Railgun] - 7 stars
Only My Railgun (Ura) [To Aru Kagaku no Railgun] - 9 stars

Liberi Fatali [Final Fantasy VIII] - 10 stars

Download them here

I have more custom maps to share - I'm just sharing these for now to see how popular they get. Please comment!

If they are well received, I will upload a super secret song!


  1. love the railgun opening! cant wait for the new maps ^^

  2. Sweet gonna check it out right now

  3. The score board is really nice, but I noticed some "bugs" :
    - When the song is over, the score board comes down, it shut the song instantly, quite sad ^^'
    - The FC crown is not at the right place

    But this new version is quite awesome ! I love the preview sound of the song menu :3
    The customs maps too, mostly the URA of Only my Railgun !

    Thank you for your work !

  4. Several note placings were "borrowed" XD What do you think? I think they're suitable there as well!

    Rotter Tarmination (Ura)
    Kita Saitama2000

  5. OMG!!! Never Give up, waaah i like Xros Wars a way too much XDDD

    Thank you very much for the update ^-^